Opening Night: All’s Will that ends Will

On the 18th January 2019 the curtain will rise for Jessica Swale’s comedy All’s Will that ends Will (2014) in its English original.
The Plot: The evening starts with some bad news: The performance of Romeo and Juliet had to be cancelled. All actors have miraculously disappeared… Luckily, there is a Prof. Lewis Parish in the audience, a renown Shakespeare expert, who can fill in with his marvellous lecture. Then things happen…

Come and see! Performances will be on the 18th, 19th and 21st January at 19:30 and on the 20th (Sunday) already in the afternoon at 16:00. We will perform at the Haus der Wissenschaft (Aula).

Come and join us at the faculty jubilee!

The Faculty of Humanities and Studies in Education at the TU Braunschweig is celebrating its 50th birthday. And the TUBS-Players are part of the party (3rd & 4th July 2018). Yesterday we had a wonderful performance of Jessica Swale’s Blue Stockings (excerpts) and a lot of fun dancing with the audience some of the dances we have in our Austen Dances repertoire. Today (at 6:30pm at the Campus Nord) we will show excerpts of our new production: Jessica Swale’s All’s Will That Ends Will. Come and Join us. Program